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Please refer to the below terminology for different chest designs on Xiorex website:

Armoire (wardrobe) A stand-alone cupboard with two doors. The top part of the cupboard is an open storage area and the bottom half includes several shelves. An armoire may have a couple of long drawers underneath the top cupboard.
Bombe Chest French chests of drawers used in everywhere in a hose including bedrooms. It has a distinctive curvy or bowed shape often with hand painted designs.
Chest of Drawers Stacked up drawers on each other, taller but narrower than a dresser with no mirror on it usually with three long and two short drawers.
Chest on Chest A tall chest of drawers with two sections one of which mounted on the other one. The bottom section is slightly larger than the top section.
Chifferobe A stand-alone cupboard with two doors one of which opens to a tall hanging closet and the other one opens to a tall chest of drawers (or a set of narrow shelves)
Lingerie Chest A tall and narrow chest of drawers to hold women's undergarments
Mega Chest An alternative to double dresser for more vertical storage
Sweater chest A chest of drawers with both drawers and shelf storage for bulky items
Tallboy A tall chest of drawers usually with five, six, or seven long drawers and two short drawers